LAW FIRM «ALEX.I.S» — is a young and dynamic company in the market of legal services in Ukraine.

Constitution Square 1, Donetsk, Ukraine, 83000
tel. + 38 062 213 06 94
tel. / fax +38 062 210 07 76

Partners and employees of our firm have years of experience in legal practice in different legal areas.

The priority legal activities of our company are:
— Intellectual property right;
— Tax Law;
— Land Law;
— Insurance Law.

In these separate branches of the law firm’s partners have received specialized, skilled acquired practical skills have been an in-depth training, participated in specialized conferences and seminars.

Our clients receive professional assistance in all areas of law, but any expert so different and that he is particularly skilled in one thing.

Time dictates the rule: The best is a lawyer with more narrow specialization.
Knowing the rules of your business, you know what is best to choose you! And we offer you opt for our company, just because we clearly know what we offer.


• representation of clients in administrative proceedings (tax litigation and disputes with the authorities and local government, pensions, benefits, appeals against decisions of the pension fund, etc.)
• representation of clients in the business processes of any category of disputes
• representation and protection of client interests in arbitration courts
• representation of clients in civil proceedings (disputes with insurance companies, the debate on the protection of property rights)

Protection and representation in criminal cases involving crimes: in the field of intellectual property in the area of ​​computer use, economic activity and malfeasance.

Tax Law:
• advice on taxation
• representation of clients in the course of audits by tax authorities
• preparation of objections to the acts on the results of audits, appeals of decisions of tax authorities
• advice on the legality of tax optimization schemes

Corporate Law:
• representation in commercial disputes for
• Advice on corporate law
• privatization, acquisition / disposal of business, the shares
• registration of enterprises and the provision of legal aid in the process of liquidation

Contract Law:
• assistance in the preparation of contracts
• participation in the negotiations for the conclusion of contracts
• Legal assistance in registration of any legal documents (contracts, charters, protocols, etc.)

Do not pleading the merits and have your existing baggage wide practical knowledge, we offer this service for permanent and future customers. Unbiased Critical council will give much better results than the opinion of an interested party to the negotiations. Just lawyer can properly ask a question and offer the most advantageous for you to answer your opponent in the negotiations. We will prepare your materials for negotiations, but also help you to direct the thinking of your counterpart in a positive vein you. Remember that sometimes a small and seemingly insignificant statement, built right, after some time will protect you from the complexities, and it does not need to be psychic, but you have to be a specialist who is able to think logically to anticipate and eliminate potential negative.

Intellectual Property Law:
• Trademarks
• Utility Models
• inventions
• Designs
• Domain Names
• Protection of information
• trade secrets
• Commercial / business names
• Licensing and franchising
• designation of origin
• the rights to plant varieties
• Related Rights
• due diligence of intellectual property
• copyright

Problem assets, restructuring and bankruptcy:
• representation in bankruptcy / reorganization
• Development of legal schemes implement the rehabilitation plan of the debtor

Land Law:
• specialist advice in the implementation of land rights
• assist in the implementation and acquisition of land rights (preparation and execution of legal documents)
• representation of clients in disputes about land rights, representation of clients in disputes concerning the protection of property rights on real estate

Relations with public authorities:
• obtaining legal support companies of all types of permits: licenses, permits, patents, etc.
• Legal support of business regulatory agencies inspections
• Public-private partnerships, concessions and infrastructure

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

The insurance business. Advice on property insurance and liability

Consumer Protection

Protecting the rights of producers from consumers

Remote support and legal support, including:
• The service personnel Lawyer
• subscription services businesses and individuals.

Settlement of disputes:
• Mediation (pre-trial settlement of disputes and conflicts with contractors and third party client);

As a separate line of services rendered by our firm, we specialize in this new legal form for many activities. Often members of a economic or a civil dispute are willing to reach an agreement without a trial, but various obstacles minor nature creates difficulties for optimal solutions. A qualified lawyer can not only recognize the desire of the client, but also the correct and most beneficial way to present it that the other party was able to completely agree with his rationality and mutual benefit for the parties to the dispute.

Assistance in the enforcement of court decisions including International.

Law firm «ALEKS.I.S» uses several methods to establish the cost of legal services:
1. Fee by arrangement.
2. Remuneration in the form of a fixed total.
3. The hourly rate for legal services.
4. Price list of fees for certain types of legal services.
5. The subscription fee.
In a specific agreement with a specific customer can use one or more forms of payment.